OKAY, your celebrant has been booked. Now it is time to get around to the other arrangements for your wedding. Many couples try and book their celebrant 12 months out from the actual marriage and make their decision on quoted prices from the celebrant.

BIG mistake.

In my opinion, it is not necessary to book so far out. There are plenty of qualified and able celebrants around who can get the job done.

If you feel you need to book a long way out from your big day there is no problem.. Use a bit of “tyre kicking” based on prices quoted by the celebrant.

When making arrangements for your wedding, narrow your list of celebrants down to, say three, and meet with each of them.

It is no good spending a small fortune on a wedding So use a celebrant who can make it all happen.

Why Meet With Your Celebrant

The reason you meet with your celebrant is to make sure you feel comfortable with him or her. Work with them to produce a great ceremony.

And also what they are offering for the fee they are charging. 

From my point of view that should be a minimum of three meetings with that includes a rehearsal and actual ceremony.

Included in those meetings should be of template of an actual ceremony and suggestion on rituals and the like.

You can also have input by selecting appropriate readings when making arrangements for your wedding

Another suggestion is for you to supply the celebrant with a full history of your relationship. So when you met, what you like about the other and the little quirks the other party has, what marriage means to both of you and so on.

Your happiness is what is important. You can get it off to a brilliant start with a moving ceremony or if you prefer, a shorter humorous one.

The key is to pick the right celebrant and be comfortable with that celebrant. Work together to make your day memorable. That is how to make arrangements for your wedding.

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