A current trend for many weddings is that couples ask for a ceremony that is both humorous and short.

Some will have a relative or friend do a reading – and that is a nice touch, when it comes to celebrating a wedding.

Couples should always be encouraged to write their own vows and even the ring ceremony – something your civil marriage celebrant can help you with.

There are other rituals that can be used which can  greatly add to a ceremony – although they are not for everyone, when it comes to planning a wedding ceremony,

Rituals are centuries old and have been adopted by many different cultures and can add a spiritual aspect to your ceremony.

They usually have a significant meaning when it comes to a marriage ceremony i.e fertility, the joining of different tribes and many more.

They are a highly visual part of a marriage ceremony and do much to assist a celebrant from dominating the ceremony or the ceremony becoming verbose and uninteresting.

Some examples of rituals are:

a) Acknowledging a deceased relative or a person important to the couple. This can be as simple as having a picture of the person/s on a table close to the ceremony, backlit by candles. Or simply having a chair/s with photo/s on them;

b) “Blessing” of the rings. The rings are passed around the guests, usually before the ceremony, with each guest silently wishing the couple every happiness. They are then returned to the ring bearer or best man or maid/matron of honour at the appropriate time;

c) Hand fastening where the couple hold hands and their arms are loosely bound in different colour ribbons. This can be done by the parents or persons important to the couple

d) Community vow of support from the guests;

e) Unity sand ceremony;

f) Candle lighting

g) The release of doves; and

h) Rituals that recognize cultural backgrounds ie Scottish ceremonies.

These are just a few ideas, with the basis being involving your guests in the wedding ceremony.

The rituals can be small or involve a number of different rituals.

But they a special part in making your wedding ceremony all that more memorable – and can be a lot of fun.