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There is no doubt the virus has caused widespread angst among those couples who were hoping to get married in the last few weeks or in the new future.

Early predictions are that the restrictions will be over before October.

But do couples want to take that chance?
A wedding at the moment can take place in front of ten people: the celebrant, the couple and two witnesses.

But that is of little comfort to couples planning a big wedding.

Some people are opting to have the five-person wedding and then have a commitment ceremony at a later date.

That ceremony can not take the place of a wedding ceremony and the guests have to be informed of that.

But then there are the other costs to be considered: venue hire, flowers, caterers and others.

Couples should be in immediate contact with their suppliers to find out what they will be charged if the wedding does not go ahead.

Most celebrants will refund their fees or at least the deposit.

But there is likely to be a run on celebrant services given the current circumstances.

So couples might be better off picking a date for next year, clearing the date with the celebrant and then paying the full fee to lock the date in.

But the bottom line is to make a decision now and swing into gear.

My guess is that the restrictions will be over by October 1.

But as they say in legal circles: All care taken, but no liability accepted.